Hazardous Waste Facility

Since the start of  of the annual HazWaste Days event in 1993, the Missoula Valley Water Quality District started holding an annual HazWaste Days Event to collect household hazardous waste  from Missoula County residents and the surrounding areas.  Last year this event was cancelled as we expected our new facility to be up and running by the spring of 2018; however, this process is taking much longer than anticipated.  

While we continue working on bringing a year-round facility to the valley we have decided to hold another event this year  Please check out the HazWaste Days Event page for more details.

In the mean time, please keep an eye on this website for updates on the progress of this new facility.  If you have items like old paint (oil-based only), used oil, used gasoline or other household items please take a look at our Year-round Disposal Options guide for other year-round disposal option.  If the item you need to dispose of is not on this list please feel free to give us a call at (406) 258-4890 and we will try to help you out with your disposal needs.